Amerex and Rieber team up to protect front cooking stations


BGL Rieber has concluded a deal with foodservice fire suppression specialist Amerex, whereby the Amerex (Kitchen Protection) KP Strike Electronic Control System with electrical detection can now be fitted to Rieber ACS front cooking stations.

German-headquartered Rieber has the design rights to this system, which can be retrofitted to ACS units worldwide if required. BGL Rieber chose Amerex to provide fire safety for its ACS units as the manufacturer believes it provides the best alternative to traditional mechanical fire suppression systems. Amerex KP with Strike uses plug and play electronics developed for mining, transit and military use, where the ability to function reliably in all conditions is paramount.

Amerex KP with Strike replaces key components of conventional systems such as stainless steel cable, corner pulleys and fusible links which can be compromised by grease and dirt build-up, or can suffer from physical damage during cleaning, transportation or in use.

The fire suppression solution is said to be able to detect and report faults. It is capable of monitoring and releasing two separate hood systems, either singly or simultaneously. Also, it can be tied to auxiliary controls, such as a building alarm system.

If a maintenance issue arises, Strike will alert the end-user in lieu of being discovered during system maintenance. Each event is logged with the time, date and a brief description. If the system actuates, an event will be recorded detailing the exact time it took place and how the system was activated. By recording and logging these events, Strike should provide visibility to details that traditional systems cannot.

The system features a manual pull switch and automatic detection. Either method of actuation will cut electrical power to the appliances preceding system discharge. The firefighting agent suppresses cooking grease fires through both saponification and cooling and it should not corrode stainless steel, protecting the equipment.

BGL Rieber MD Gareth Newton said: “The Rieber Varithek ACS self-ventilating and mobile front cooking station is an amazing piece of kit that provides powerful and proven reliable cooking solutions.

“Varithek is used in multiple locations including the main kitchen, front of house, outside on sunny days and for event and function catering anywhere and everywhere.

“The Amerex solution provides fire protection for the life of the Varithek unit itself because the system is able to detect and report faults. There is nowhere that Varithek ACS now cannot be used and I am proud to state that Varithek ACS satisfies the most stringent fire safety standards.”

Amerex KP with Strike is designed to be easy to install and is equally suited to conventional kitchen layouts as well as Rieber’s mobile equipment. The fire suppression system can be targeted at individual equipment such as fryers, hobs and griddles, or alternatively, Amerex KP Strike can target ‘zones’, (ZD Zone of Defence) protecting complete cooklines and island suites that can be monitored as part of a ‘smart kitchen’ fire safety system.


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