Lord’s Palace General Manager Sami Preshova: “We have taken all measures, Northern Cyprus is waiting for Turkey”


Sami Preshova, General Manager of the Five-Star Hotel Lord’s Palace in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, mentioned the effects of the Covid-19 process on tourism, the island and the measures they took at the hotel.

The first case in Northern Cyprus appeared in a tourist convoy on 11 March and was quickly spotted and the hotel was quarantined. Sami Preshova stated that the virus could not be transmitted across the island with the measures taken, “Then again began to spread from citizens and tourists from abroad. After the first three cases, Northern Cyprus took an ambitious step and decided to close all businesses.  As of March 13, after partial curfews, full curfews led to the end of all cases in a very short time. There have been no cases in Kyrenia, including the Lord’s Palace Hotel. Nevertheless, the process continued with the common sense of the people and with the strict implementation of the measures. As of 19 April, all cases have improved and we have become the safest country in the world.”

“We approach hygiene and cleaning issues with sensitivity”

The tourism sector was undoubtedly affected by the pandemic in Northern Cyprus as well as in the whole world. Although the COVID-19 transmission was prevented, the country was not open to tourists due to the lack of flights to Northern Cyprus. The successful manager said by expressing that Cyprus is an island country and because of that tourists do not come, not only tourism but also it affected all sectors and tourism sector stakeholders, “We, as the Lord’s Palace Hotel & Spa & Casino family, have been sensitive to hygiene and cleanliness issues since our opening. We are aware of our responsibilities for the health of our guests, employees and the people of Cyprus and have extended these measures further during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic was declared, extensive disinfecting measures had begun to be taken at the hotel. After the closure of the businesses, we have successfully obtained our hygiene certificate by taking wide-scale measures and introducing the highest level of disinfection applications. One of the most precautionary issues in this process, of course, was the welfare of the staff. We sent two meals a day to all our staff to stay in the lodgings in the healthiest way and to avoid financial and moral losses, online training and tests were done, psychological training was given and the lodgings were sterilized continuously”.


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