Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and The Oberoi Group announce strategic alliance


A long-term strategic partnership was revealed today by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and The Oberoi Group, which will see the two companies collaborate together through a number of initiatives. This new collaboration provides a forum for the two companies to work together more closely while maintaining the distinct legacy and identity of each company.

In order to draw the loyal customers of both labels, this global partnership between two historic, multi-award-winning hotel groups was planned. The two groups will curate fresh and exclusive experiences, accessible at Oberoi and Mandarin Oriental hotels, by collaborating together in all aspects of the guest experience. The partnership dramatically enhances both groups’ geographic presence, presenting guests with greater flexibility in scope around the globe as well as depth in India. Friends of M.O. ‘s Fans And Oberoi One, the respective appreciation services of the brands, will have exclusive access to over 50 luxury hotels in sought-after destinations, where they will obtain superior acknowledgement, unique opportunities and deals, as well as custom event invitations.

The partnership will work together to create new culinary and wellness experiences, tapping into the knowledge of both companies, and will also partner on creativity, sustainability and joint learning and growth. Joint ventures in these fields can create synergies for both brands, helping the definition of luxury hospitality to grow further.

“We are delighted to launch this innovative partnership with The Oberoi Group, setting the stage for us to push the boundaries of luxury hospitality. The Oberoi Group has a long established history and a wealth of expertise in providing exemplary service and I am confident that by working together both organisations will grow and create further differentiation in the industry that our guests will value. We look forward to working with The Oberoi Group to continue to develop and deepen this special partnership.” said James Riley, Mandarin Oriental’s Group Chief Executive.

“We have long been ‘fans’ of Mandarin Oriental,” said Vikram Oberoi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of EIH Limited, the flagship company of The Oberoi Group. “Our brands complement each other extremely well as do our organisations values and culture. This exciting alliance will allow guests to experience new destinations and experiences in the legendary styles for which both companies are renowned.”


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